—— As an international supplier and partner of automotive control arm, our goal is to provide all kinds of high-quality automotive control arm series products, as well as more professional product customization solutions.


The R&D team adheres to the concept of lightweight design of automotive structure, applies the R&D results of magnesium-aluminium alloy materials and hot forging technology to product development, and combines the rich experience in production process management and control to provide professional customized products for customers. Its control arm series products can be widely used in various types of automobiles.


The company has favorable conditions for cooperation with OEM customers in equipment investment, plant planning and personnel training. Has passed the ISO/TS16949, ISO14001, ISO18001, ITF16949 certification.

The company has a strong R&D team, and has cooperated with Hefei university of technology and Shanghai engineering technology university for industry-university-research , established a "HFUT - Jinsheng vehicle lightweighting materials engineering technology R&D center". the scientific research achievements of magnesium alloy materials and hot forging technology are applied in product research and development , combined with rich experience in production and full process management control, to provide professional customized products, its control arm series products can be widely used in various types of car.

It has successfully established strategic cooperative relationship with well-known automobile manufacturers and parts manufacturers at home and abroad.


The company has a complete production process of smelting, extrusion, forging, heat treatment, surface treatment, finishing, assembly and so on. The main products are: control arm, bracket, steering knuckle and other aluminum alloy structural parts. Achieve annual capacity: aluminum alloy forging blank 2 million pieces, assembly 1 million 500 thousand.